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Inventory Management

Every organization works to maintain sensible inventory in order to meet operational requirements while minimizing the costs associated with overages and outages.   At Cathey Company, we'll help you meet your inventory goals, whether it's a "keep-full" program, where we manage inventory at your location, or it's a stocking agreement, where we commit to holding specific stock levels in our warehouse for you, our customer.  Whatever your need, Cathey Company will work to develop the plan that makes the most sense for you.

Conveyor Belt Lacing

As opposed to endless belting, lacing allows a conveyor belt to be connected and disconnected.  In general, this means that belt installation and removal is made simpler by being accessible.  At Cathey Company, we have the equipment, the tools, and the experience necessary to help our customers repair or replace their belts.  Whether its Clipper, Alligator, or Ready-Set lacing, if your conveyor belt is broken, you can count on Cathey Company to get you up and running again.  We understand the cost of downtime and the importance of keeping your product moving.  Bring your belts to our shop or have us come to you.

Gasket Cutting

Gaskets of all shapes, sizes, and materials are used to create a seal between two surfaces to, ultimately, prevent costly leaks.  At Cathey Company, we can help you select or design the right gasket for your application and we can provide both standard and custom-made sizes to meet your demands.  In addition, we stock multiple sizes of sheet rubber, which we can custom-cut to meet your application requirements.  In some cases, our cutting efforts are done by hand.  In others, we use precise cutting dies.  Whether you're needing a custom-sized neoprene mat for a bench top, or full face, 4", silicone flange gasket, Cathey Company can help.

Cylinder Repair

At Cathey Company, we know that leaking cylinders can mean a lot more than just a worn out seal.  That's why we take the time to properly assess cylinder damage and we do everything possible to repair cylinders back to "like-new" condition.  Whether hydraulic or pneumatic, put our years of repair experience to work for you to get your cylinders working properly.  You'll appreciate our workmanship warranties and you won't be disappointed with our turn-around times.


Kitting is an effort that involves organizing, gathering, stocking, and packaging the parts needed to manufacture a particular assembly or piece of equipment.  It can sound simple, but kitting requires strong organizational skills and strong attention to detail.  If you are a manufacturer of Industrial equipment, your product may require a specific bill of materials that could include a pump, motor, valves, and various lengths of hydraulic hose assemblies.  At Cathey Company, we organize, package, and stock such components so that when our customers are ready to build their equipment, we're ready with the kits they need; on-time, organized, and 100% complete.

24/7 Service

Wouldn't it be great if emergencies only happened between 8 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday?  At Cathey Company, we understand the reality that costly breakdowns inevitably happen when you least expect them.  As such, we are committed to being available.  You can call us at 517-393-4720 during our regular business hours, which are 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, but if you need help with an emergency after-hours or over the weekend, give us a call at 517-449-0444 and one of our associates will be available to help.

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